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The Guest House
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Livingston Manor, New York
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Pets Welcome

If you are looking for pet friendly accommodations in the Catskills, consider The Guest House Bed and Breakfast. Our upstate New York lodging is a wonderful hotel alternative for you and your four-legged friend. No need to leave your best friend behind in a kennel when you go on vacation. Bring him or her along to enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air in our relaxing, rustic setting. Doesn’t your pet deserve a getaway too?

Please carefully review our pet policies below, and contact us directly if you have additional questions or concerns.


  1. Owners must pick up after their pets from the public lawn areas around the house.
  2. Housekeeping is provided till noon as long as your pet is either out of the room with you or in its crate. Exceptionally, if it is very friendly with strangers and our housekeeper agrees, it can stay in the room while it is being made up.
  3. It is essential to have the owner's cooperation in keeping our rooms free of pet hair, etc. We therefore ask you to keep your pet off the bed. If this is not possible, spread a pet blanket or sheet over it to preserve our precious comforters and bed-linen (No pets in bed please!).
  4. Most owners bring their pets because they do not want to be separated and feel they will enjoy the country experience. However, if your pet is one who becomes miserable when left alone and starts barking or scratching the furniture, please plan to keep it with you at all times. This will make your pet happy and also our guests.

Thank you for your understanding.



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The Guest House Bed and Breakfast
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Livingston Manor New York (NY) 12758

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